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Jiashen Cao

I am now a fourth-year Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech. I am currently co-advised by Hyesoon Kim and Joy Arulraj. I am excited about leveraging modern hardwares for emergent workloads. Particularly, I am interested in building relational and relational-AI database systems by leveraging the power of GPUs. I also contributed to EvaDB extensively. I am also a lead contributor of project SeaJay.

Selected Publications

  • GPU Database Systems Characterization and Optimization
    Jiashen Cao, Rathijit Sen, Matteo Interlandi, Joy Arulraj, Hyesoon Kim
    VLDB 2024 [PDF] [Code]

  • FiGO: Fine-Grained Query Optimization in Video Analytics
    Jiashen Cao, Karan Sarkar, Ramyad Hadidi, Joy Arulraj, Hyesoon Kim
    SIGMOD 2022 [PDF] [Code]

  • Characterizing the Deployment of Deep Neural Networks on Commercial Edge Devices
    Ramyad Hadidi, Jiashen Cao, Yilun Xie, Bahar Asgari, Tushar Krishna, Hyesoon Kim
    IISWC 2019 (Best paper runner-up) [PDF] [Code]

  • Distributed Perception by Collaborative Robots
    Ramyad Hadidi, Jiashen Cao, Matthew Woodward, Michael S Ryoo, Hyesoon Kim
    IROS 2018 [PDF]

Work History

  • Microsoft - DMX at MSR
    Research Intern (2023.05 - 2023.08)

  • Microsoft - Gray System Lab
    Research Intern (2022.05 - 2022.08)

  • Microsoft - Arch & Perf at MSR
    Research Intern (2021.05 - 2021.08)

  • Clinc AI
    SDE Intern (2018.05 - 2018.07)

Education History

  • Georgia Institute of Technology (2016.01 - present)
    B.Sc, M.Sc, and Ph.D. in CS

  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (2014.08 - transfer out)
    B.Sc in CS