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Jiashen Cao

I am from Haining, a small but beautiful town in Zhejiang Province, China. I am passionate about high performance systems.

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You can download my CV here.

Research Interests

Database Systems, Computer Architecture, and Machine Learning.


  • I am a graduate student at Georgia Tech.

  • I received Bachelar and Master degrees in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

  • I started my undergraduate study at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. I transferred to Georgia Tech in my second year.

Research Positions

  • EVA Hardware, I worked on accelerating visual data analytics on both edge devices and cloud.
    • Specialized lightweight deep neural networks.
    • Query optimization and hardware adaptation.
  • Parallel ML, I worked on distributing machine learning computation on multiple devices, analyzing machine learning workloads on multiple platforms.
    • Edge centric machine learning workloads distribution.
    • Machine learning workloads profiling and analysis.
    • Parallel platforms tailored deep neural networks design.


  • I TA’ed CS-3220 Processor Design class at Georgia Tech.

  • I was a Software Engineer Intern on the infrastructure team of Clinc Inc. My main project was deploying the product onto a distributed environment backed by Kubernetes cluster. Meanwhile, I also paralleled workflow in product pipeline to reduce latency.